According to this recent article, Forrester latest private cloud forecast update, the research firm increases growth rates for both private cloud platforms & hosted private cloud.We here at BVoIP have pointed out the reasons for going private cloud over public cloud on several occasions. You can find some of those articles below.

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In this recent article, Forrester talks about Private Cloud and it's continued adoption at a faster than expected rate.. Here at BVoIP, we are happy and proud of our Private Cloud Enviroment currently on top of Rackspace's Global Infrastructure. Forrester's recent updates and growth projections show in our opinion that not everyone believes that Public Cloud is the answer for their needs. While it is up to everyone to determine what is the right path for their organizations we here at BVoIP believe Private Cloud is the best answer for UCaaS, Cloud PBX, and Hosted VoIP for man reasons. 

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