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Not All Integrations Are Created Equal

Integration is a core part of bvoip's mission and we understand things like click-to-dial alone don't cut it anymore. So, we took things to a whole other level with our 1Stream Integration platform.

With years of evolution and constant development, 1stream delivers outcomes by enhancing key interactions while automating sales, service, and back office tasks. Whether it's advanced functionality that simple isn't available "off the shelf", or deep integration to your CRM, ERP, or PSA, we have you covered with 1Stream!

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1stream service desk

1stream Service Desk

Finally, the missing link that bridges the gap between your help desk, psa, or ticketing system and real world communication with your customers.

Whether it's automated and intelligent call routing, real time dashboards, advanced reporting meshed with data from your business application, or instant screen pops, automatic entries, and call recording attachments, 1stream provides a suite of features to simplify your service desk workflows.

1stream breaks through the noise with meaningful workflow enhancing automation to your service desk teams. 

1stream sales desk

1stream Sales Desk

Empowering your sales staff to obtain maximum results is the primary focus to any high performing sales organization. 

A constant struggle for sales reps is the fact that taking the time to enter notes and update opportunities in your CRM takes time away from actively selling.

1stream can help eliminate that struggle by streamlining day-to-day steps and automating those tasks. This saves you valuable time and provides sales management with critical, real-time information.

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