Contact & Company Auto Matching by Caller ID

Speed Up Caller Identification Based on Caller ID Matching With Your CRM, ERP, or PSA Database


Save Unknown Numbers to New or Existing Records

Immediately Save Numbers That Don't Exist in Your Database So You Can Easily Identify on the Next Call


New Company & Contact Creation

Create New Company and Contact Records on the Fly Without Having to Jump Between Multiple Screens


Automatic Screen Pop

On a 1-to-1 Caller ID Match With a Record in Your Database a Screen Pop of that Record on Ringing or Answer


Click-to-Dial from Within CRM, ERP, PSA

Dial Numbers Directly from Your System Saving Your Time and Automating Entries


Call Recording Attachment

Attach Call Recordings Directly Into Records in Your System if You Record Inbound or Outbound Calls


Activity & Time Entry Creation

Quickly and Easily Create Activity and / or Time Entries into Your System


Enter Notes & Disposition Call

Rapidly Enter Notes and Adjust Call Details With 1 or 2 Clicks


New Ticket & Opportunity Creation

Instantly Create New Tickets or Opportunities in Your System to Track Calls Against


Existing Ticket & Opportunity Search & Tag

Tag Return Calls on Existing Tickets or Opportunities to Keep Your Team Up-to-Date


Call Dashboard & Reporting

Track Your Team's Real Time & Historical Progress

workstation (2)

Windows & Mac Apps

Workstation Applications for Both Windows & Mac for Your Team to Track Their Calls


API - Coming Soon

We are opening up our API soon so that you can pull information from 1Stream

Our Integrations

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Connectwise VoIP Integration (Advanced)
We are proud to introduce BVoIP's multi-PBX integration to the popular Connectwise PSA Platform...
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Android App & Soft Phone
BVoIP includes a VoIP app for Android which allow you to take your office extension with you..
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Pulseway Alerts Integration
Pulseway is a mobile first IT management software that helps busy IT admins look after their IT..
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BrightGauge Integration
We are proud to introduce integration with Brightgauge. Brightgauge is meant to automate and..
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