I couldn't help but write up a quick blog on this article I just read which hit some very targeted points....

If you don't know Walmart has more data under their management than Google itself. Yes it's true and as a result Walmart has to operate a very large and global network on none other than OpenStack! 

Anyway, the article I am talking about is titled "Report: OpenStack Superfan Walmart Tells Partners to Avoid AWS Cloud."

In the article Walmart stresses that they clearly don't trust Amazon with their private and proprietary data and even say if you are going to go public cloud go to Azure instead...

The theme from what I gather is making sure you don't hit vendor lock-in. It seems that the tools some of these public cloud providers over seem to put you in a hard position if you ever needed to move elsewhere whether it be another public cloud provider or even private cloud.

As it turns out Walmart also uses Rackspace for some of their needs which happens to be who we here at BVoIP use globally.

CRN put out a decent article trying to capture the concerns from the partners that could been in the middle of the battle. 

With that being said, I ran into another article today that says the faster growing cloud deployments are private and NOT public cloud. How about that?!

I figured it was interesting and worth mentioning.

The debate between private and public cloud i'm sure will go on and on and on and ultimately everyone will have to choose what works best for their situation in the end. It's worth the concept that having a portal or transferable environment is important so keep your options open.