public-vs-private.jpgWe have been talking about the challenges and dangers around trying to park your cloud UC or hosted VoIP system in the public cloud. If you are just now catching the series of articles on the topic take a peak back at the previous articles below.

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What Happens When Your Public Cloud Provider Goes Down?

Why go private cloud instead? 

A recent whitepaper by Rackspace digs deeper into that story. Here are a few clips of that whitepaper for you take consider:

  • Cost reduction is, of course, a primary buying factor
  • Increased agility (the ability to quickly deploy resources to different team members to decrease time-to-market)
  • Ease of business innovation
  • Data security, as public IaaS is perceived to be less safe than private IaaS
  • Public IaaS has limitations, particularly in performance and latency.

Dropbox, An Example where AWS didn't make sense after a point...

"Dropbox, for example, found significant cost savings by shifting workloads from Amazon AWS to an internal private cloud. Public IaaS can be cost effective for initial development, but comparatively more expensive than private clouds as organizations grow, increasing processor and storage requirements."

Certain Orginizations Avoid Public Cloud for Compliance Purposes

"Enterprises are also concerned about data location for compliance and regulatory issues. The nature of the data (personally identifiable financial or health data) or the location of the storage facility (due to national or regional data warehousing regulations) often rule out public IaaS offerings. Organizations with particular sensitivity to data security, including financial institutions and governments, may be required to avoid public IaaS."

For many reasons, including those mentioned above, BVoIP is happy to have partnered with Rackspace to provide our partners with the right recipe to succeed in the Cloud UC arena.

Interested in the Full Rackspace "Why Go Private" whitepaper? 

Download the Whitepaper Here