BVoIP's Private Cloud

Service is Key

Finding a trusted cloud vendor with a premimum solutios at an affordable price can certainly support your efforts to engage serviceiskeyyour clients, while supporting their growing IT needs. Offering an OpEx friendly payment option when they are purchasing services can result in a big smile on the client’s face, and a signed contract in your pocket.

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP) or IT Services Provider (ITSP), your goal is to keep your clients happy by giving top notch service, finding them best in breed technologies, and getting those solutions at the most affordable price. What if you could focus your time on providing amazing service, and feel confident that your client will still be smiling tomorrow, with a sound infrastructure foundation, no upfront costs and a simple monthly payment?

Bank on our Solutions

As a trusted provider, BVoIP aggregates and offers a scalable, reliable and affordable platform for your client’s infrastructure, so you can concentrate on what you do best; managing their services. Our portfolio of highly desirable, premium solutions, reliableincluding Public & Private Cloud PBX, mean you can bank on servicing your client accounts for years to come. With multiple, geo-diverse data centers, Powered by Rackspace, and 24/7/365 client access, your clients are provided a secure, redundant and reliable offering for you to manage their services.

Growing infrastructure can be a budget challenge for any client. The ultimate OpEx friendly alternative for your clients, BVoIP provides acces to own our ‘best in breed’ inventory of servers and additional equipment from such brands as SuperMicro®, Brocade®, and Dell SonicWall®.

You can score big with your ‘refresh ready’ clients by offering them a quick and easy way to scale and deploy shared or dedicated resources with little upfront investment. Save them CapEx costs on hardware, software licensing, and complex installations with our cloud PBX solution. Affordable and flexible, BVoIP can effectively burst on demand, and quickly deploy scalabilityadditional resources as needed.

Your clients depend on you to provide reliable and dependable service for the management of their IT. Why not offer them the same when it comes to their communications environments.

At BVoIP, you and your client are not ‘just a number.’ We provide each BVoIP partner with a dedicated onboarding expert for you and your MSP opportunities, giving that ‘concierge connection’ inside our company, and helping to make sure you both walk away happy.


We have our infrastructure strategically located in North America, UK & Europe, and Australia & New Zealand. So if you have clients in one part of the world or are globally distributed you only need one vendor to serve them all!

Our Global Infrastructure Powered By Rackspace

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infrastructure1BVoIP delivers Public and Private Cloud solutions specifically designed for real time voice and video callaboration that feature highly reliable, efficient, and redundant infrastructural systems. With servers housed in the full service, enterprise-grade data centers, our vendor cloud facilities include the state-of-the-art security, available 2N power distribution, and cooling efficiencies inherent to choosing the "right" facilities. These fully redundant systems enable BVoIP solutions to offer some unique advantages in the cloud market space, and enable you to reap the benefits. With BVoIP, you're not just getting a great cloud solution; you're getting a cloud solution that resides in world-class Rackspace data centers.


BVoIP's various networks delivers high-performance bandwidth with direct connections to major Internet Service Providers. But it is much more than that. Featuring a 60+ Gbps capacity and 10GigE transit and peering links, the network is built to perform. It also includes a 10 Gigabit Ethernet to ensure a constantly stable, secured, scalable and redundant cloud environment.


 Network Features Include

  • 0% Packet Loss On Our Network
    • Maximize the performance of your dedicated server with a network that eliminates any potential data degradation.
  • Multiple internet backbone connections
    • Redundant network architecture load balancing system with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for no single point of failure.
  • Geographically diverse fiber paths
    • Two separate trenches for carrier fiber help keep your network service online.
  • Per server private VLAN (virtual local area network)
    • Allows for creation of a private network within the larger network, giving you greater security, privacy and performance.


BVoIP looks to offer you the best systems and hardware available to support your needs. BVoIP is standarized on high-quality hardware from Supermicro & Del. We are proud to include their product lines in our solutions.delllogo

Supermicro & Dell Benefits:

  • Optimized designs to improve server operation
  • Tested and certified products to help ensure performance
  • First-to-market strategy to provide latest technologies
  • Customized product lines to support high density and high availability hosting

Additionally, with the wide-range of servers and pricing Supermicro & Dell are able to offer, we can keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you through our competitively priced cloud solutions.

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