privatecloudmove.jpgA recent article from Rackspace that highlights when it makes sense to pull the plug on Public Cloud and move to Private CloudWe have here @ BVoIP have constantly talked about why Private Cloud makes sense over Public Cloud (as you can see below)

Why shouldn’t I Park My Cloud UC / Hosted VoIP System in Google, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure? - Part 1

Why shouldn’t I Park My Cloud UC / Hosted VoIP System in Google, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure? - Part 2

What Happens When Your Public Cloud Provider Goes Down?

The Shift - 22% increase in Private Cloud Deployments Since 2015

Part of the shift to Private Cloud can be attributed to....

  • SaaS
  • IaaS
  • Cost Controls

Where Public Cloud Falls Short

  • Public Cloud Networking LESS predictable
  • Constant performance flux of machines, applications, virtual networks
  • Applications not being tuned well enough to handle public cloud performance swings
  • Stability pains of Public Cloud

Where Private Cloud Shines

  • Predictable Performance
  • Stability Control
  • Security, Compliance, Sovereignty Requirements
  • Location Flexibility

Let's Talk about Performance

  • In Public Cloud you are sharing hardware with other "tenants" and run into the "noisy neighbor" syndrome since you can't control what resources people next to you are using and how that affects you specifically.. thats a problem for many people especially when reliability suffers..

How About Security

  • If you have any security minded customers or customers under strict compliance regulations this affects your choices. Those customers want to see segregation, walled off environments, and control. 

Costing Control

  • Unless you are Netflix or someone comparable in size you are not going to get very heavy pricing considerations from provides like Azure, Amazon, and Google. The more you the more you spend. Volume discounts are rarely achieved and if they can it's not going to rock the boat. Private cloud allows for a much more controlled and lower pricing outcome. This is especially true around storage costs.

Vendor Lock-In

  • This is a HUGE point that people don't realize until it's too late. Check out this post where Walmart is advising people to AVOID vendor Lock-In at ALL COSTS. You need to make sure that you can port workloads in and out and around at will. The second you get stuck into a proprietary situation you begin a costly story to get out down the line.

Closing Thoughts

  • We are BVoIP have standardized on a Private Cloud Architecture because of many of the reasons above. There is a place for Public Cloud and we sprinkle some of our tools there but the bulk of our work loud requires performance that we must achieve consistently.It does'nt hurt to save some dollars while getting there either!

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