Founded by Bruce Kreeger, a 30 year IT veteran, Clarity Technologies Group's mission is to help small to medium businesses (SMB) and government entities manage and maintain its computer infrastructure, telephone systems, security, and networks. Clariy has a strong focus in education and government verticals. They have offices in NJ, PA, FL, TX, and CA.

Problem they had

 Clarity was looking for a viable option to offer cloud telephony as they had been focusining on on-prem solutions. There is a little bit of a learning curve to deliver cloud Unified Communications. Also, Clarity was looking to migrate to a unified internal operations platform that had phone integration to speed up customer interactions.




 BVoIP was able to work with Clarity's team to deploy some very unique projects in the cloud. We help point Clarity in the direction of some of the platforms we are using at BVoIP and once a selection was made BVoIP was able to deliver automation within Clarity's new internal operations system.


"The people at BVoIP understands the business...they know what it means to be an MSP."

Bruce Kreeger, President / CTO 

Clarity is now armed with both Cloud and On-Prem offerings. Here is an example of one of the very succesful projects they were able to deliver with BVoIP's assistance:

Clarity Assists in US Papal Vist 

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