Rackspace experts have crafted a whitepaper that walks through the basics — the benefits of private cloud, deployment options, key capabilities, API management, interoperability — plus details on several of the industries that benefit from using it.


Massive cloud computing capability for a fraction of the cost of on premise? Sounds kind of like “tastes great, less filling.”

But it’s possible with OpenStack, “the dominant platform for private cloud,” according Forrester Research, offering the benefits of both a scalable infrastructure and cost management. That’s a big reason why 451 Research estimates the market for OpenStack private cloud deployments will grow by 44 percent each year to $2.2 billion by 2020.

BVoIP has adopted OpenStack and in partnership with Rackspace we have deployed the best-of-breed situation for our partners to adopt and deploy Cloud UC and Hosted VoIP.

Download the Whitepaper Here