With all the noise about Google, Amazon, and Azure we get the question all the time why have we have selected Rackspace instead. We have written at length about the difference between an UNMANAGED Public Cloud and a Managed Service. We have also written why it is important to know what you are getting yourself into with Public Cloud and why it's extremely important to know that all "Cloud" is not created equal.

It is also important to know that nobody is perfect and this is clear in the most recent Amazon AWS outage.

In a training event this past month, we asked a room over 45 IT & MSP firms if the knew the difference between unmanaged and managed cloud and most didn't realize there was a difference. They also didn't know that there are multiple "Magic Quadrants" for Cloud Providers. 

It is important to understand that even today we do pay attention to the different offerings closely and scrutinize everything from costing, security, redundancy, up time, SLA, and so on. 

We are happy to say our migration to Rackspace worldwide has turned out to be a great call and one that constantly position our partners for success. 

Congrats to Rackspace for their continued recognition. If you are curious here is a link to the original Rackspace article