sbc iconBack in November, bvoip announced new data center regions that were added to our network. As part of that expansion project, bvoip has now turned up new in data center Cloud SBC's in all new locations.

If you don't know what a Cloud SBC does in short it allows for VoIP devices to traverse NAT from a remote location back to a phone system without the need for VPN, STUN, Port Forwarding, an on-site computer or router specifically to handle phone traffic.

With all bvoip data centers now equipped with new Cloud SBC's the failover logic on how physical devices re-route themselves is going to change. Depending on how your physical VoIP devices were originally provisioned, you may need to take manual intervention to adopt the new failover logic. All new deployments already have the newer failover logic built-in. bvoip will be sending out a partner facing notification on how to determine if you need to make adjustments or not.

Also, most softphones and mobile apps don't transit via the SBC's rather then directly connect to the phone system for it's registration. 

The outcome of this news is:

  • Greater Capacity
  • Closer Locations which reduces latency, jitter, & packet loss across the internet and last mile providers
  • More resiliency and failover options for physical VoIP devices

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact bvoip support.