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Fresh off the massive internet and cloud outages this month both in North America and Europe, we ran into this post today about how a Google Cloud subscriber found their account shut down without warning.

We have spoken several times about why public cloud works for some but largely isn't the answer for your real time communications. You can read some of these past thoughts below...

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Live Service Shut Off Instantly Without Proactive Notice

We get it.. sometimes things happen and something needs to be rectified. That shouldn't mean your service just gets turned down on the spot right? It's the same as if your credit card thinks there might be fraud on your account they call you, text you, email you, to confirm before they cancel you card. 

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No Access to Live Support

While we are in 2018 and the way people communicate is changing there are times when it is critical to get to someone from vendor support right away. In this case, Google Cloud doesn't take calls, and chat is unavailable, then do you send an email and wait?

“We will delete your project unless the billing owner corrects the violation by filling out the Account Verification Form within three business days. This form verifies your identity and ownership of the payment instrument. Failure to provide the requested documents may result in permanent account closure.”

We will delete project within 3 business days.

Imagine the person in your organization was on vacation or out of the office and your account wasn't rectified within 3 business day? All of your data is now deleted?

Unfortunately, sometimes you don't know what you know until you are "in it," In this case, i'm not sure it's the best scenario to be using this option for your downstream customers as an IT or Managed Services Provider (MSP). 

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