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Yesterday, BVoIP announced that we strategically partnered with HTG and will be focusing on North American and APAC regions within the HTG format.

Why This Partnership Makes Sense?

BVoIP, came from an MSP and our entire agenda since inception has been partnering and working with IT & MSP organizations around the world to solve the Voice, VoIP, Unified Communications challenge as part of the business model and strategy of bundling and billing multiple core services into an easily consumable service.

BVoIP working with HTG and their ecosystem just made sense in all areas. 

HTG works with MSP's of all shapes and sizes that generally includes customers with $500,000 to $100 million in revenues. With over 500 organizations currently involved worldwide in many of the regions that BVoIP provides our solutions in. 

ConnectWise Acquires HTGconnectwise htg.png

An interesting wrinkle, less that 24 hours after our partnership announcement, news broke today that ConnectWise has acquired HTG. 

We can chalk that up as "right time, right place."

CEO's View

I really believe the general feeling about HTG is mature and maturing organizations join in order to better themselves. It is the exact opposite of the "castle mentality" where everyone is your competitor and you live in a bubble unwilling to share. 

The community concept is not new but HTG has a proven formula, We here at BVoIP have found that the more mature the organization the better the chance they can understand the value of BVoIP and use it to their advantage. 

I am excited about our ability to contribute to this organization and this furthers our partnership with ConnectWise which we have been fostering for multiple years. 

If you are apart of HTG let us know and we are happy to connect at HTG events here in 2018 and beyond.

What hundreds of IT and MSPs have discovered is that BVoIP is a resource that can help better serve their clients and staff. BVoIP has numerous apps that help automate and streamline day-to-day interactions with prospects, customers, and vendors. BVoIP also allows IT & MSPs streamline their technology offering by included Unified Communications-as-a-Service into their stack.

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