We have been talking for a LONG time about how Public cloud offerings by the "big guys" isn't some magical answer to many things including up-time.

We just wrote about the The 10 Biggest Cloud Outages Of 2018 (So Far) back in August and barely a month later we can add two more to the stock pile of cloud outages for this year.

Azure & Office365 Outage in South Central US 

Earlier this year Microsoft Azure had a MAJOR European Cloud Outage that lasted more than 11 hours over a cooling issue which knocked out most of the European footprint. 

This week Microsoft's major South Central Data Center in the US went down for cooling / temperature reasons too! According to ZDnet and Microsoft's own cloud monitoring page this issue spanned over two days. It not only affected cloud hosting services but also Microsoft's widely popular Office365 services like Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, etc.

Slack goes down GLOBALLY AGAIN!

Back in June, messaging and productivity provider Slack went down Globally and last week the same thing happened AGAIN! As it turns out, there was a partial outage earlier in August that wasn't a "hard down" across the board which led to this article titled "10 Ways to Keep Your Team Busy When Slack is Down

Final Thoughts

Why do we keep highlighting these stories of Public Cloud Outages? Well, to show that nothing is perfect and you need to plan properly when deciding when to park your critical business services and plan accordingly based on the requirements of your end customer. bvoip has been steady through a lot of the turmoil which is happy to report but even still we advise our own partners to make sure they if they have customers who have critical up-time requirements that they make sure to discuss a high availability plan with us too!