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Integration is a core part of bvoip's mission and we understand things like click-to-dial alone don't cut it anymore. So, we took things to a whole other level with our 1Stream Integration platform.

With years of evolution and constant development, 1stream delivers outcomes by enhancing key interactions while automating sales, service, and back office tasks. Whether it's advanced functionality that simple isn't available "off the shelf", or deep integration to your CRM, ERP, or PSA, we have you covered with 1Stream!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

This depends on which plan you choose. Your plan selection applies to all users in your org. You can't mix & match plans within the same org. You can upgrade / downgrade your plan at any time.

Do I need to pay for every user that needs
integration or is this a concurrent pricing model?

For every user your activate in the system there is a monthly fee associated based on your plan selection. Just like most CRM/ERP/PSA systems each user bears a cost however you can pick and choose which users you want to enable. Not all CRM users or all phone system users need to be activated.

Can I use this integration with my own phone system
or do I need to switch to bvoip?

In previous versions of our integration we did have "connectors" to third party phone systems. In the current integration platform, it's more than likely you would have migrate to bvoip's cloud PBX to gain the full capabilities that 1stream offers.

Is this integration Cloud Based or Premise Based?

1stream as an integration platform is Cloud Based. However, it can connect to premise based CRM/ERP/PSA systems that we support.

What countries do you provider support in?

We're currently working with MSPs in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

We want the integration to do something it doesn't.
Can you modify it to fit our workflow?

We are open to ideas and suggestions. If your ask is truly unique it is possible to build functionality at a cost based on your requirements as a cost.

Our CRM/ERP/PSA isn't in your list. Can you build
integration for us?

Let us know and we are happy to chat about it.

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