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Connect your people, your customers, and everyone else all in one place
Make it easy to communicate the way they want to - voice, messaging, video, apps
Think next-level - business intelligence, reporting, analytics, and enhanced customer experience
Instead of fighting to get data into multiple tools and systems, connect them through integration and automation

Communicate whenever, wherever, and however you want. It's time to leverage modern technology to give you the freedom, flexibility, and productivity you deserve.                

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VoIP phone service with advanced features to improve your workflow. Don't settle for something basic. Modern technology to help your business operate efficiently and effectively from the office, the road, or home.

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Messaging is no longer a nice to have. Whether it's chat from your website, text from your cell, or even messages through social media your customers are communicating outside of calls. Make it easy for them to connect with you.

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We all learned that when face-to-face communication can't happen in person that the next best thing is web & video conferencing. Whether it's a board room or your cell phone this is now the new standard.

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Powerful Multi-Tenant System Management & Control

Visibility, Control, Access, Permissions, Audit Trail  - Sophisticated Yet Simple To Use



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Streamlined system management

Access all of your accounts & services within a centralized view - manage settings, users, permissions and control everything in one place!
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Single sign-on to all of your Phone systems

We streamlined the ability for you to manage all of your phone systems through a unified interface. You only have to login one-time and then jump into the system(s) that you want.

  • Quick search

  • One-login

  • Single window mutli-tenant portal

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Clean, Simple, Intuitive

All of the things you want and need right at your fingertips and easy-to-use too! If you can handle an M365 portal then this should be easy!

  • Call Flow

  • Users and Extensions

  • Devices

  • System Utilization

  • and more

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Like Everything Else, Turn It On! We are surely in the age of security. So, let's turn on the OTP Multi-Factor Authentication. Simple and easy process!

  • Quick Enable/Disable

  • QR Code Scan using your favorite Authenticator App

  • Strong emergency reset key

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Unmatched Integration with 1Stream

Anyone can make a phone ring. Let's talk about what actually happens before, during, and after that interaction


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Not All Integrations Are Created Equal!

Capture Every Interaction. Make your data count. Instantly access the information that will fast forward your workflow, improve customer experience, and create great outcomes! It's far past time to connect all the dots and have all your systems interconnected.

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Alerting, Scheduling, & Business Workflow Comes In Handy..

We know there are others apps out there that do just this. We felt we could put our own special flavor into on-call, auto login/logout, and alerting. We also have a log out of queue after so many missed called feature too.                

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Business Intelligence, Integration, and a little common sense...

With all the security related talk these days it's clear that there needs to be added emphasis on the human being. With this new addition to 1Stream you can now validate who you are talking to and tie this back to your own tools too.       

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Help customers help you, help them...

Targeted call routing can really help get your customers to the right people faster. It will also help your staff get to the work faster while actually getting it into the system in the moment. Plus, it's pretty cool too!                           

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We will help you double down on your Microsoft 365 Investment

Outlook, Teams Voice, Calendar, Status, User Syncing - We Can Help You Get Much More from M365

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We take full advantage of M365 for you

We connect with Microsoft 365 in several ways. It's helpful to be able to interact with the Microsoft products you rely on to run your organization.

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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If you are using Microsoft Teams then you can go one step further and activate  Teams Voice functionality. Taking things a bit further we fill in the gaps that native Teams Voice is missing and with our Hybrid Deployment you can chose which users live in Teams and which don't have to while still allowing for all to communicate seamlessly.                                                                 

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Microsoft Outlook Integration

The most widely used business email, calendar, and contact app is Microsoft Outlook. You can click-to-dial from Outlook contacts. You can also set contact record pops in incoming calls. Lastly, you can enable call journaling so that call history is tracked against contact records. This is included with all bvoip plans. Install this for as many users as you want.

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Multiple Intuitive Integration Points

Calendar Sync - Automatically switch your extension status based on calendar events 

Contact Sync - Sync contacts from your Outlook contacts into your phone system contact list

Click-to-Dial - You can click on numbers inside of Outlook Web Access to make outbound calls.

Automatically Create Extensions from 365 Users 

Frost & Sullivan

bvoip Recognized As Top Industry Leader & Innovator Among The Top 30 North American Providers by Frost & Sullivan for 5 Years in a Row


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Your tech Samy was absolutely fantastic - helped at the last minute for a cutover and we're extremely grateful happy clients!

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quick and easy solution. tech resolved issue in a matter of minutes.

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Awesome service, thanks!

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Sammy was quick and efficient at helping me identify and resolve the problem!

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