George Bardissi, long time MSP owner and founder of BVOIP is joining Tom Watson for MSP Ignition! #16 to talk about George's journey through the MSP world, breakdown what your stack offering needs to include and find out what brought him to building a successful VoIP business that servers many MSPs worldwide.  

What is Time / Burn and what does it mean to making profits?  By the end of this episode, you’ll understand how to effortlessly calculate your Time / Burn.

During this episode, we will encourage you to ask yourself the tough questions:

  • When you cost out your Managed Service Agreement's are you accounting for all of your costs?
  • Do you have a set standard stack you offer your clients that fits their specific needs?
  • Does this stack contribute to growing your monthly recurring revenue?   
  • Are there other services you should be considering as well?