Boston, MA & Philadelphia, PA, USA – November 8, 2016 - OnPage is proud to announce its partnership with Philadelphia-OnPagelogo.pngbased BVoIP, the leading provider of cloud and on-premise VoIP for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs). The partnership allows BVoIP customers to provide their clients the ability to call a central number when an emergency arises and rest assured that by pressing a few numbers on the dial pad, the notification will arrive as a critical alert to the OnPage app. This capability provides MSPs with a completely new way to interact with their clients and be alerted by them when important situations arise.

How OnPage-BVoIP partnership helps MSPs

Standardization is crucial to MSPs’ success and their profitability. By ensuring critical messages are routed through BVoIP’s hosted PBX and arrive to the OnPage account of the engineer on-call, MSPs can remain confident that critical alerts will be received and heard.

The integration also helps MSPs enhance their SLAs by providing another valuable component to their MSP agreements. By alerting through OnPage, MSPs know that when servers go down or cyberattacks occur or any part of the IT infrastructure is damaged they will:

  • Receive a persistent, secure round-trip message and alert to their mobile deviceonpage.jpg
  • Be able to route messages to the engineer on call
  • Have full and immediate visibility for customer support
  •  Avoid fragmented communication and inefficient incident resolution
  • Be able to take advantage of a flexible escalation workflow and complete audit trail
  • Slash response times


BVoIP has packaged and delivered a program that allows MSPs to easily add critical alerting to cloud and on-premise VoIP PBX. Customers can add these abilities to their product offering without having to re-invent the wheel or add another layer of headache to their daily operations.

BVoIP relieves MSP pain points


"Coming from the MSP space originally, I understand the pain that is caused by delays from responding to critical voicemails, messages, and alerts,” said George Bardissi, President & CEO, BVoIP.  “The strategic partnership between OnPage and BVoIP aligns perfectly. Our mutual partners can combine the alerting, scheduling, and audit trail that OnPage provides with BVoIP's Unified Communications Platform as well as the multiple PSA, RMM, ERP, and CRM systems for themselves and their downstream customers. This is hands down a Win-WIn."


For MSPs, there is significant anxiety surrounding their response to critical alerts. For MSPs, knowing that there is a critical situation for which they might be missing an alert is a significant pain point. By combining the ingenuity of BVoIP with OnPage’s technology, that anxiety can be eliminated. Critical messaging is ensured to arrive on the MSP’s smartphone. The MSP doesn’t need to worry about missing alerts.



Both MSPs and their customers are the real winners in this partnership as both are able to use BVoIP’s PBX technology to create critical messages and rest assured that their critical message will be delivered promptly and prominently. The critical messaging capabilities provided through the BVoIP and OnPage partnership will continue to provide this security.



Onset Technology is a leading vendor of mobile messaging solutions to organizations with emergency communications requirements. The company’s OnPage mobile app turns iOS, BlackBerry, and Android smartphones into secure digital pagers, supported by an enterprise-grade messaging and paging platform. Onset Technology’s OnPage is now used by over 1,000 organizations, including those in healthcare, emergency services, information technology, financial institutions, the legal profession, and government agencies. For more information about OnPage, visit For other products by Onset Technology, visit


About BVoIP

BVoIP helps IT and Managed Service Providers attack voice and unified communications worldwide. Having come out of the MSP space, BVoIP designed its program to not only automate how MSP’s interact with their existing systems and tools but to also assist MSP’s with an offering to standardize their Unified Communications offering to their customers. BVoIP has built integration with MSP industry solutions from Autotask, ConnectWise, ConnectBooster, DeskDirector, BrightGauge, JoomConnect, and others. BVoIP is currently available in North America, Europe, and the Australian / New Zealand Regions. For more information please visit or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.