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FLASH 2.0 Integration Platform Release Streamlines Workflow and Adds Intuitive Features

Philadelphia, PA - November 1, 2019 - bvoip, The MSP Communications Platform, is pleased to announce that their 1Stream 2.0 Voice Integration Platform Release, code named Flash, is now available to all bvoip partners globally.

bvoip will be showcasing the new 1Stream Flash release at IT Nation Connect 2019 this week in Orlando, FL. IT Nation Connect is the preeminent IT & MSP Conference globally that is hosted by ConnectWise annually. 

1Stream is a purpose built voice integration platform that delivers outcomes by enhancing key interactions while automating sales, service, and back office tasks. 1Stream is the evolution of bvoip's integration development efforts that started as a MSP focused tool and has since expanded to helping MSP's also offer similar style integration into their downstream end customers and their various CRM, ERP, and PSA line-of-business apps. This level of integration empowers bvoip partners to change the conversation with their end customers from infrastructure to more strategic business outcomes. 

Key features in 1Stream FLASH 2.0:

  • 5 Plans or Tiers of integration features to choose from:
    • Lite - Basic Features
    • Starter - Adds Core Business Features
    • Enhanced - Adds Automation and API Features
    • Enterprise - Adds more Automation and Business Intelligence Features
    • Power - Adds Power Dialer Features
  • New responsive Windows and Mac Clients 
    • New app workflows that streamlines call tagging in one or two steps rather than multiple steps in the previous version
    • New app icons embedded into call history for call notes, calls tagged to tickets, calls tagged to opportunities
    • Easy new company or contact creation workflow
    • New Easier Ticket Status Filtering & Search
    • New Ticket internal notes fields now available (in addition customer facing note fields)
    • New Call Re-Association feature
  • New Second Chance Call Recording Menu
    • To help users specifically track if call recordings made it into the CRM, ERP, PSA system
  • New Multi-Screen pop functionality to pop various systems and screens that will help speed up calls
    • Critical to make sure users have all relevant information and access to progress customer calls
    • Example: Remote Access, RMM, PSA, Documentation, etc
  • New Smart Call Transfer Option for Blind or Warm Call and Screen Transfers to other users or call queues
    • Helps one user to transfer call, notes, and screens to another user so that call handling does not require pulling up various systems again to progress calls
  • New Call Control and Call Data API for partners that want to build integration into their own apps
    • Empowers organizations with self built apps to build voice and phone features on their own
  • New Form Template and Snapshot Features
    • Ability to "snapshot" common forms for re-use across teams or departments to speed up data entry 
    • Ability to set common language, notes, and user responses to speed up workflows
  • New Business Intelligence Additions to Base Dashboard
    • In addition to Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls, Unanswered Calls, Call Time, Call Type, Extension, Originating Caller ID Name and Number, Destination, Status, Talk time, and Queue the following information will now be available for managers and supervisors
      • Call Notes, Ticket & Opportunity Icons that back link to ERP, CRM, PSA, and option to listen to call recordings within the web portal 
  • New Self Administration Control Menu
    • For account settings customizations, user creation / deletion, and various other settings
  • Scheduled Reports
    • Ability to set a schedule for detailed reports to run and send to pre-selected recipients
bvoip's President & CEO, George Bardissi, had this to say “Real Advanced Integration is a main focus and strategic investment here at bvoip. Today, things like Click-to-Dial alone doesn't cut it as integration anymore. Decision makers of our partners and their customers are demanding real and meaningful workflow based integration that can actually enhance customer experience and elevate team effectiveness. The 1Stream Flash Release is the evolution of our efforts to mesh day-to-day phone system functionality with modern Contact Center based features which deliver business intelligence that you can actually act on.”

You can find out more about 1Stream by visiting https://www.bvoip.com/1stream

About bvoip

bvoip helps IT and Managed Service Providers attack voice and unified communications worldwide. Having come out of the MSP space, bvoip designed its program to not only automate how MSP’s interact with their existing systems and tools but to also assist MSP’s with an offering to standardize their Unified Communications offering to their customers. bvoip is currently available in North America, Europe, and the Australian / New Zealand Regions. www.bvoip.com

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