As data and metrics grow the need to create custom call routing based on that information is important. Let's say you want to be Call routing.pngable to route calls based on a specific situation. Maybe we need to check for a caller id, a pin number, a specific account number, or some other piece of data from your CRM, ERP, or other line of business app? There is an answer!

We have create routing projects for our IT & MSP partners and their down stream customers too. 

Recent project include:

AutoTask VIP Customer Routing Project

  • An MSP partner who wants to route inbound calls based on a unique pin number that is listed in a custom field in Autotask and then routes to a specific pod within their help desk for VIP contacts.

ConnectWise Custom Inbound Routing Project

  • An MSP partner who wants to have calls come into a queue and then have their phone number be checked against their ConnectWise customer phone numbers and then be routed to the specific pod within their help desk.

ConnectWise Customer Inbound Routing Project

  • An MSP partner who wanted to automate inbound rule creation in the phone system nightly based on an export from their ConnectWise database. The end result is phone calls that came in from specific numbers automatically are routed when they hit the phone system to the predefined person, group, queue, or voice mail box. 

Custom Advanced Call Routing projects are handled as a custom project basis on your requirements.

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