BVoIP Cloud Fax

With HTTPS internet fax services and your VoIP telecom installation you can now give your customer complete system integration; VoIP Phone, Internet Fax via HTTPS, fax via Wireless, fax via satellite in addition virtual fax (fax to e-mail, and e-mail to fax). That’s right, you get all the business. Our fax solution preserves the easy and familiar experience of the fax machine, with both the features of fax to fax, and fax to email reception available to the end user simultaneously.

Users can easily transition to VoIP based faxing with a completely hassle-free experience.

The question is, how can I as a VoIP telecom provider integrate with all the systems in my customer’s offices earning myself more money, creating a satisfied customer that is more efficient, entirely dependent and loyal to me? BVoIP, along with its partners, have now have a next generation faxing solution and cloud-based service which support HTTPS for sending and receiving faxes over the Internet. These products allow fax machines, fax servers, and fax services to replace T.38 with a simpler, secure, and more reliable HTTPS transport that works over all networks.

  • Enterprise, SMB, and SOHO fax gateway for business grade fax communications Dual FXS ports TLS (SSL) handcablesbased fax security
  • Uses HTTPS as a reliable and secure alternative to T.38 fax connections over the open Internet
  • Backend connectors support SMTP/T.37(Fax Connector) or SIP T.38 (VoIP Connector)
  • Full real-time fax streaming between the ATA and the backend connector or solution
  • Easy firewall, NAT traversal for fax only solutions via HTTPS
  • Easy integration into existing VoIP networks
  • Automatic provisioning with fax account management

Fax – to – Email Solution

Provides customers with a virtual fax solution that allows users to send and receive faxes through their email without requiring a physical fax machine.

Fax ATA Solution

By simply connecting the analog fax machine to the ATA, customers can now send and receive faxes reliably over any network. The ATA connected to the fax machine acts as an interpreter, capturing the original document and streaming it to the server via HTTPS. The server then translates it back to standard analog signal and sends it out via standard POTS line to the receiving fax number. This method provides consistent reliability and maximum security to ATA customers.