Instantly & Securely Route Critical Alerts

How It Works

OnPage allows you to send encrypted, cloud-based, HIPAA compliant alerts . It integrates priority & secure messaging into one application. OnPage ensures IT teams, emergency respondents and healthcare professionals that their critical messages are never missed.

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Connect Everyone

Connect your team no matter where they are. Connect across the country or across the world.


Be Anywhere

Cloud technology allows your employees to remain accountable in a flexible work environment.


Organize Everything

Manage all of your critical alerts and on-call schedules from one web dashboard.

Reach Every Device - From Any Device

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OnPage sends encrypted messages to all devices in your messaging ecosystem: iOS, Android and Blackberry. Priority messages can be sent to you via email, telephone, OnPage app or programmatically through our dispatch console. You can also send voice or picture attachments to streamline communication.


Priority Messaging and Intelligent Alerts

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High priority messaging comes through with intrusive, hard to ignore Alert-Until-Read capabilities. OnPage alerts mimic the pager’s urgency while allowing a rich, full text message with voice or picture attachments. OnPage is designed for critical, time-sensitive situations, where the sender needs to be assured that the message has reached its destination and is read!

On-Call Scheduling with Escalation


Create multiple on-call schedules, without limitation to location, so every group gets their preferred on-call rotation. Get instant visibility of who’s on-call. You can also enable multiple escalation scenarios so that critical alerts get routed to the right person. Easily create “follow the sun” schedules and set up escalations ensuring organised workflow.



We ensure all messages are secured and HIPAA compliant. We  are SAS-70 certified and practice SSAE-16 compliance. Furthermore, we provide support and monitoring around the clock.


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