spectrum outage

bvoip has been working with our partners who have sites on Spectrum Internet since Thursday with registration and audio loss issues. After over 100 hours of troubleshooting we found the following route as the issue into / out of Spectrum's network to be the root cause of the issue:

After confirming this issue with Rackspace our IaaS provider bvoip worked to test multiple alternate routes into and out of Spectrum's network and installed additional SBC's to take advantage of working routes to bring our customers back to a workable state.

The core issue is still ongoing and based on feedback from our partners who are also Spectrum customers the issue may be faulty Juniper routers that operate out of Ashburn, Virgina on the 66.109.5.X route.

We are thankful for our affected partners working diligently with our support team to troubleshoot through the issue. 

We will continue to work to find a permanent resolution statement from Spectrum.