Snom, is excited to introduce their new Trade-In Rebate Program, designed specifically for your end users. Provide your customers with the latest Snom phones and enable them to take advantage of this rebate when they replace 5 or more of their existing phones.

Snom Phones Trade-In Rebate Program Highlights

  • Rebate amounts valid from July 15, 2020 through July 15, 2021 when you replace 5-200 phones
  • Any working business grade desksets or handsets from a vendor other than Snom/VTech/ Branded Phones qualify for the offer
  • All VTech and Snom legacy equipment purchased over one year ago is eligible for trade-in rebate
  • End-users can submit claims easily online at
  • THIS IS OVER THE TOP of any partner pricing

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Program Terms & Conditions

  1. Program Term – This trade-in rebate program (“Program”) is valid from July 15, 2020 – July 15, 2021.
  2. Program Only Open to End User Customers – This Program is exclusively for end user customers (“Customers”) in North America who replace five or more of their existing phones with new Eligible Devices. This Program does not apply to VTech® or Snom resellers, consultants or distributors.
  3. Purchase, Lease Agreement or Service Contract from Authorized VTech and Snom Resellers – Customers must purchase a thirty-six (36) month or longer, non-cancellable service contract or leasing agreement from authorized VTech or Snom resellers covering the new Eligible Devices. The importance of purchasing genuine Eligible Devices from our authorized resellers is explained at the following link:
  4. Minimum/Maximum Trade-In Phones – There is a minimum of five (5) phones per trade in claim. You are encouraged to submit all phones on one claim. There is also a maximum of up to two hundred (200) phones that a Customer may trade in under this Program.