Why re-invent the wheel when your upstream provider has done the work for you right? Thanks to our friends at Rackspace werackspace-logo.png bring to the table a tool that will help all of our partners.

Now available via the BVoIP Partner Portal (bvoip.deskdirector.com)  is the Rackspace connectivity testing tool.

From here you can select the data center you are closest to in the BVoIP network within Rackspace and get valuable insight from your customer’s location before you get too deep.

There are two options.

  1. The Bandwidth test which will tell you upload/download speed, latency, and jitter

          2. The traceroute test will back route from Rackspace to your IP (assuming it responds to ping)


Head to the BVoIP Parnter Poral and check it out under the Tools & Infrastructure category.