Feb 2023 Features and Enhancements

We have been busy building, updating, and enhancing things here in the lab at bvoip!

This comprehensive 8-minute video presentation summarizes the updates for the current month, providing an overview of the progress and developments of our product. This video serves as an easy and convenient means for keeping track of our product journey.

Watch the Video



1️⃣ Ticket lookup Activity report (0:30)
2️⃣ 1stream webhook (1:35)
3️⃣ New extension menu (2:04)
4️⃣ Licensing allocation changes (2:50)
5️⃣ Voicemail-to-Ticket w/ Call Recording & Transcription - ConnectWise (3:06)
6️⃣ Updated 1Stream Management Page (5:11)
7️⃣ Control Password Reset (5:55)
8️⃣ Remember Company ID on Single Sign-on (6:22)
9️⃣ Ticket Based Routing Feature Update - Autotask (6:57)
📌 Summary (7:44) Check back monthly for new updates.