teams phone

Microsoft has made some SKU changes when it comes to Teams Phone / Teams Voice

Microsoft Direct Routing

The license needed for Microsoft Direct Routing is now called "Microsoft Teams Phone Standard". The SKU actually didn't change it's still MST-SKY-PBX-C100

Microsoft Teams Phone with Calling PLan Starting September 2022

If you plan to use Microsoft Calling Plans directly within Microsoft 365 ....

Microsoft announced that it is retiring Business Voice and consolidating it with their
Enterprise offerings into a single solution, Teams Phone with Calling Plan, to simplify the purchasing
process and streamline the delivery of enterprise-grade capabilities to SMBs.

Starting on September 28, 2022, any existing Business Voice customers wishing to renew their
subscription will need to transition to Teams Phone with Calling Plan. Please note that existing Business
Voice customers will NOT be transitioned to the new licensing model automatically and that not taking
action to transition at the time of expiry of your customers’ Business Voice subscription can result in a
loss of service.

To update your customers’ licensing, follow the steps in Microsoft’s Business Voice to Teams Phone
transition guide. Before starting the transition, please be sure to read all details related to the following:

1. What legacy licensing you will need to replace with the current licenses with – click here to view
what current licenses are recommended
2. What update path option you would like to follow – click here to view the four potential update
paths available

Once you have confirmed which licensing is needed and what update path is best for your customer, be
sure to follow ALL of the steps as mentioned in the Business Voice to Teams Phone transition guide.


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