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MC336852 · Published Feb 26, 2022

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When this will happen:

The APIs are now available.

How this will affect your organization:

As a tenant or a partner, if you have Teams devices (like Teams phones, Teams displays, Teams Rooms, Surface Hubs) enrolled on the Teams admin center, you can try out the APIs to access information about the devices or carry out operations on them.

The following capabilities are available with these APIs:

  • Retrieve the list of all devices and their details
  • Retrieve the details of a particular device
  • Retrieve and view the properties/configuration of a particular device
  • Get the health details of a device to understand if there's any issue with it
  • Get the activity details of a device
  • Perform operations on a device like restart, software update, or log download

Note: These APIs can enable the management of the Teams devices to become more efficient through automation or even integration with other workflows.

The availability of the APIs will have no impact on the devices or their manageability through the Teams admin center.

What you need to do to prepare:

To use the APIs, visit teamworkDevice resource type.

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