We are happy to introduce the 2019 bvoip Partner Advisory Council (PAC). It is important for our company to build our future plans together with the IT & MSP firms that make up our global partner community. The PAC will influence future releases and the direction of the bvoip solution stack by providing professional insights and recommendations from the perspective of the partner and the end user. 

paul bunn.jpg john sunn.jpg justin dews.jpg   MitchellWright.jpg MichaelKnutson.jpg Sam Chawkat

  KevinJohnson chris charmichael  chuckflagg.jpg carlie jones brett meche nathan williams

The bvoip Partner Advisory Council in order from top left to bottom right:

Paul Bunn from TechStar IT Solutions, John Sun from Clearmind Technology, Justin Dews from Techvera,  Mitchell Wright from Base-2, Michael Knutson from Insight Technologies, Inc, Sam Chawkat from Dynamic Network Solutions, Kevin Johnson from Digital Future, Chris Carmichael from CBT, Inc. Chuck Flagg from Orion Technologies, Carlie Jones from Hawkes Bay Technologies, Brett Meche from Premier Data Systems, Nathan Williams from Superior Eagle Data & Communications