How Your Legacy Phone System Is Killing Your Business Productivity

When you can’t effectively or efficiently communicate with your colleagues, your productivity will likely dwindle. Whether you are constantly waiting on responses from different departments or you are finding it difficult to hold a successful brainstorming session over an audio conference call, it’s likely you are growing frustrated with your company’s communication inefficiencies.

After all, working longer doesn’t necessarily reflect heightened productivity if nothing is being accomplished. But if you are currently facing this barrier to success, know that you aren’t alone. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that America’s employees worked more hours but were less productive  in the fourth quarter of 2014 and the business sector’s productivity declined by 2 percent.

In order to solve this dilemma you must first identify the culprit. And in many cases you will find that it is, indeed, your legacy phone system. For example, a traditional PSTN cannot grant you time saving features of a robust software-based phone system like unified communications (UC), mobile integration, or third party management solutions.

As such, you must cast an eye towards software-based phone systems that can simplify your communications and make your day-to-day communications more effective. For instance, with IP telephony integrating features such as UC is simple, as there is no heavy duty on-site installation required. Managing your phone system through a software-based interface, rather than dealing with the maintenance of on-site copper wires, enables you to add the features that suit your specific business needs.

Below are a few examples of IP phone system capabilities that will help you maximize your time:

  • Web conferencing: Remedy inefficient audio conference calls by adding Web conferencing to your suite of UC solutions. In doing so, you can connect with colleagues who are in different locations in a more personalized setting. Web conferencing affords its users with real-time, face-to-face communication and is just as effective as holding an in-person meeting. Add more impact to your brainstorming sessions by leveraging the advanced features of today’s web conferencing platforms, like the ability to upload PowerPoint presentations that every attendee can view and download.
  • Mobile: IP telephony enables employees to leverage their office phone numbers from their mobile devices. This way, employees who are often on the road during the work day—such as salespeople, for example—can answer calls made to their office phone from their mobile device when traveling to meet potential prospects. As such, on-the-go employees never miss a beat and can sidestep spending time listening to voicemails and returning calls when they are back at the office.
  • Cloud PBX: A time saving option that will benefit IT leaders is that of cloud PBX. While managing a software-based PBX internally is quite simple, a third party service provider can help you maximize your time even further by handling your phone system for you. Employees will be granted access to all of the features they would if the phone system was managed in-house, but a third-party provider will take care of the legwork. So if your company experiences growth and you need to add more extensions to your phone system, you can simply contact your service provider and they will fulfill your request.

Put an end to working more and accomplishing less. The key to unlocking your company’s full potential is right under your nose in the form of a software-based phone system.