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We have rolled out some Cloud SBC updates which allow for some cool new functionality.

Reconnect Audio While Switching Networks

A new feature of the latest Cloud SBC update came from a need to handle fail over better when a customer has two internet connections and fails between them due to an outage. While failover functionality is common in many business grade firewalls and routers... many handle traffic redirection poorly. For example, if sip traffic is on one connection and RTP traffic is still trying to connect on another then the call will still say it's active but there would be no audio. Our SBC's now allow for the audio stream to be held in a state where if the connection comes from a different IP address later in the call it will re-connect the audio (on most routers). If it doesn't, the next incoming or outgoing call it will re-route audio correctly. 

Better Mobile Experience 

Back in October, we announced a new set of Android and iOS mobile apps available to all BVoIP Partners. With the updates to our SBC's the mobile apps have an updated experience. 

Mobile Networks

Let's say you are driving down the road and for some reason you hit a dead zone while on a call through the mobile app. The system will recognize the call drop and re-call you and connect you back to the same audio stream without the person at the far end dropping the call. 

Switching Between Mobile and Wifi

Let's say you are on 4G and you happen to hit your office or home and your mobile device picks up a known Wifi network while you are on a call through the app... When the network switches the app will reconnect you to the audio stream without dropping the call.

Desktop Phone Updates

We have been releasing blog articles as we make adjustments to the way Desk phones and physical devices re-act when failing over between SBC's. You can see our Yealink and HTEK updates already. The goal is to tighten up the end user's experience and preparing for situations and enhancing the process to cut down on end user perception of issues.

BVoIP will continue to make enhancements so stay tuned to our blog for future updates.