bvoip has released updates to Cloud PBX apps for iOS and Android.

  • This app can be found in the app store or marketplace.
  • If you already have the app installed when you go the app store you will see an option to update the app.
  • In this 1.5 release here are the expected changes:


  • Significant audio quality improvement, especially under high-jitter network conditions
  • iOS 13 push notifications compatibility improvements
  • Lots of minor fixes and stability improvements


  • improved call audio quality, especially under high-jitter networking conditions
  • added support for configurable in-call action buttons (display custom buttons during call which generate DTMF or call web service)
  • improved translations
  • added support for rating call quality and reporting
  • several minor GUI improvements
  • system call integration improvements
  • fixed a crash when editing in-app DND rules
  • fixed a random, but unpleasantly frequent (2%) crash which occurred when switching between the app and system GUI (Settings, Contacts) or when switching to multi-window mode.