Robo Calling is on the rise and while the carriers of the world are working on new protocols to help cut down on them here are some simple suggestions to help protect against unwanted robocalls...




Option 1: Auto Attendant

Insert an auto attendant in front of your direct dial, ring group, or call queues. 

  • The auto attendant can either add a few seconds to the call time which in some cases is enough for the dialer to give up
  • Add a simple message like "Thanks for calling please stay on the line while we transfer your call" 
  • Simply force the Auto Attendant to loop if no option is pressed which will kill the robo call because it will eventual time out

Option 2: Collect Numbers and manually block them

Have your end users notate which numbers are robo calls from their call history and then you can actually add them to a block list in the phone system.

Go to Settings - > Blacklisted Numbers 

You can then either import from a CSV or press ADD and enter the caller ID and press OK