bvoip is happy to announce a new feature release to our Control Portal called PBX Radar. 

This is meant to be a NOC (Network Operations Center) style dashboard that will alert you in Real-Time on your "fleet" of accounts or phone systems.

PBX Radar is designed to be on a screen that can be thrown up on a secondary monitor or big screen TV on the wall. 


Key Features include:
  • Ability to monitor in Real-Time
    • Downed or Unresponsive Systems
    • Any Individual or Block of services that are not running
    • Instance App/Root/Base Operating System Disk Full
    • Instance Recording or Voicemail Disks Full
    • Last system Check-In Time to the Monitoring System
    • System Uptime
    • CPU/Ram/Hard Disk Utilization %
    • PBX Services List with Up/Down Services 
    • Last System State Backup Taken
    • Last System State Backup Verified
    • PBX Software Version
  • Alert Suppression
    • Ability to Suppress System Alerts for a Specific Phone System with Notes

This is now available to all partners and included as part of the bvoip partner portal. No additional subscription or cost is needed for this functionality. 

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