bvoip is happy to announce a new simple SMS/MMS Plan for US Partners. Most Numbers Can be SMS/MMS Enabled on the Fly!


We have heard a strong message from our partners that SMS/MMS requests for themselves and their end customers is becoming a required feature. We worked with our upstream partners to provide a new SMS/MMS plan offering that makes is simple, easy, and extremely inexpensive.

Key Features include:
  • Ability to SMS/MMS enable / Disable almost any phone number assigned to an account with a few click with no per-number billing.
  • Ability to add as many email addresses to an SMS/MMS number to send/receive messages from any email service/client
    • Messages can be sent to multiple systems such as:
      • Slack
      • Microsoft Teams
      • Email Distribution Groups
      • Ticketing Systems
      • and more...
  • View usage in both directions SMS IN, SMS OUT, MMS IN, MMS OUT

This is now available to all bvoip US partners who use bvoip's upstream carriers. A simple plan needs to be added to any account that requires this functionality.