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bvoip is happy to announce the release of Barricade 2.0. 

What is Barricade?

Last May, bvoip launched Barricade. Barricade is a combination of a layer 2 firewall along dynamic account-based authentication apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. These apps allow remote workers, mobile users, and road warriors to still have the flexibility and usability of the platform from anywhere while also shutting the “front door” to the rest of the world which dramatically reduces the attack surface to the VoIP accounts and systems.

in the Barricade 2.0 release, we made the following changes:

  • New interface to make the partner experience easier with firewall groups and rule creation
  •  Improved granular security settings for standard and custom rules
  •  Added baseline security protocols for DDoS and SSH attacks by default
  •  Several bug fixes

Please find documentation below on how to properly configure and enable Barricade for your phone system accounts in our new knowledge base.