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Empowering your sales staff to obtain maximum results is the primary focus to any high performing sales organization. 

A constant struggle for sales reps is the fact that taking the time to enter notes and update opportunities in your CRM takes time away from actively selling.

1stream can help eliminate that struggle by streamlining day-to-day steps and automating those tasks. This saves you valuable time and provides sales management with critical, real-time information.
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Instant & Automated Information Access

Instantly pull up of the information on each call so your sales team get right into the job rather than spending crucial time digging for info. Tag calls to existing opportunities or create new ones on the fly. Add notes, activities, time entries, change opportunity info, @mention other team members, and press submit which eliminates multiple button clicks and screen loading waiting time away so you can move to the next task.

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Automatic Call Recording Attachments

Do you want to bring a little bit of accountability to your sales team? Maybe you want to keep everyone honest by capturing everything from voicemails your team left for a client to full end-to-end calls that your sales reps field. Not only do we record calls but we upload them as attachments to opportunities, tickets, time entries, and activities. No more guessing what actually happened!
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Intelligent Call Routing

1Stream allows for automatic and intelligent call routing by caller ID, Ticket Number, Account Number, or Order Number. These tools give you a lot of flexibility to make sure that your customers talk to who they need to talk to without taking a human being to move calls around. If a call does need to be transferred internally, smart call transfers help your team see your most recent notes and get record pops immediately to the right place in your system. This helps especially with multiple office locations, remote and distributed teams, and segmented teams within teams like pods.
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Information is King, Right?

Whether you need basic or deep call reporting meshed with CRM Data so that you can make adjustments in the moment or evaluate progress after the fact ... 1Stream can get as deep as you can imagine with the possibility for custom views, dashboards, wallboards, and reports. Get the data you need rather than guess...
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Multi-CRM Support

We understand that not all CRM's are good service desk systems and not all service desk systems are not good CRM's. We often find that IT & MSP's have multiple systems for sales, marketing, and service. 1stream is capable of interacting with multiple systems at once allowing you to pull up and post data simultaneously rather than having "islanded" systems with disassociated data.

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