Removing Users from Teams

This article will provide a walkthrough on removing users from the Teams Integration in the bvoip phone system.

Removing Teams Users

  1. Log into the bvoip phone system.
  2. Go to the Extensions section.
  3. Select the Extensions subsection. 
  4. Click the Edit button beside the desired extension user to be removed. 
  5. Remove or change the caller ID from the extension. 
  6. Click the Save button. 
  7. Go to the Integrations section.
  8. Select the Microsoft 365 subsection. remuvteams3
  9. Remove the User by selecting the checkbox beside the user and clicking the delete button from each of the following tabs:
    1. User Sync
    2. Contact Sync
    3. Calendar Sync
    4. SSO Sync
    5. Use Teams Voicemail
    6. Teams Direct Routingremuvteams4
  10. Click the Save Changes button. 
  11. Restart the SIP Service. If you need assistance with this step, please refer to our Restarting Phone System Services article

Reclaiming Licenses

Once the user has been removed, be sure to remove the telephony licensing from the user as well within Azure.