Unified Management & Provisioning Platform


As an IT or MSP, the value of staff time is critical and making sure you spend your time in the right places is important. Here at BVoIP, after touching thousands of phones, we determined that a centralized tool to provision, manage, and update devices from popular companies like Yealink, Snom, Polycom, and others under one roof was needed. The BVoIP Unified Management Platform allows even the most untrained or inexperienced individuals and organizations to easily adopt cutting edge VoIP technologies. Hence bridging the gap between traditional telecom Var’s and true MSP’s in the communications world.


Zero Touch

 No more unboxing devices before dispatch! Purposely designed for reduction of human error when deploying IP telephony devices, creating minimal interaction through handling of hardware and software provisioning. The product allows zero touch integration into order processing, logistics allocation and deployment planning. The management platform fully or partially automates handling of compatible product provisioning and telephone management while allowing re-allocation of resources

enhancing profitability.



With technology developing faster than ever before, an agnostic development approach allows fully integrated services for all compatible SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) devices alike, using the same open methodology within the platform to allow unified configuration techniques, resulting in faster deployment and a greater flexibility in device choice. If you can manage, provision and maintain services to their entire estate with visibility of location, firmware, status, health and output of preferences the heavy-lifting requirements are negated.

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When evaluating product features and benefits achieving competitive edge will always remain a key defining factor for choosing a technology based product. This platform will allow the you to provide a higher level of service that compliments your current offering. It will create the potential for fully managed services for IP product monitoring, deployment, QoS and Support from a single source location with clean and clear instructions. The goal is for you to easily break down and categorize your clientele all in one place and understand the current status across the board. You will have the ability to granuarly assign permissions to a specific customer or site and allow some or all options to your users. 

Key Benefits

  • Asset tracking
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Diagnostics
  • Central deployment
  • Resource efficient systems
  • Device health, logging and Monitoring
  • Firmware updates
  • API integration – Stay tuned for Some cool avenues here!
  • Install cost reduction
  • Travel cost reduction
  • Resource re-allocation
  • Proactive support
  • Scaleable (Cloud Based!)
  • HTTPS security
  • Data encryption (password safe)

Cool Factor

  • Complete overview of all customer devices @ all sites under single console
  • Filter includes sorting by any column
  • Quick reference warnings
  • Complete overview of device
  • Phone identity data
  • Geo-Tag location service
  • Setting Override
  • Phone transaction history
  • End to End control
  • Health monitoring
  • Wizard based Template engine (Phase 2)
  • Real world templates (Phase 2)
  • System profile selection (Phase 2)

If you find this interesting and could add value to your clients then you can request a demo below. 

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