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About The MSP Initiative

The MSP Initiative was developed with one goal in mind: education for the IT & MSP Channel. We are bringing together some of the best industry minds from all over the planet to help you learn relevant and helpful tips and tricks you need to take your business to the next level!

Virtual Webinars

Due to the current circumstances, our sessions will be virtual and available online.

Learn Tips You Can't Find In a Book

Learn from our speakers on valuable tips that you won't find in a how-to book.

Hear from the Experts

Great members from the IT Channel with different backgrounds and areas of expertise give you the knowledge, resources, and tools to help navigate you through these new times.


Event Schedule

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1PM ET, we will have great members and experts of the IT Channel highlight some real topics happening in your business through the COVID-19 madness. Our hope here is to have these great members from different backgrounds and areas of expertise to help everyone through these new times.
Register once and join us every week! There will be time reserved at the end of each session for a Q&A, giving you the opportunity to ask real questions you need answers to for your business.

Tue. Aug 11 - 1PM ET

Leveraging Tools to Scale Your Business - Adam Bielanski - Sierra Pacific Consulting

In a tough economy, leveraging the latest technology suite can give you the edge over other players in the market. If not done right it can be a burden to the business. Done right it can also free up time and head space to focus on what really matters in your business.

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Thu. Aug 6 - 1PM ET

Benefits in Focusing on Your RMM - Joshua Preston - CWA Ninja

Insight into how an optimized RMM can help your business stay safe, profitable and efficient.

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Tue. Aug 4 - 1PM ET

Breaking Through the Communication Storm and Solving Customer Experience Pains - Jamison West - ConnectStrat

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Thu. Jul 30 - 1PM ET

Let's Stop Guessing & Talk About REAL Numbers & Trends in the Technology Sector - Larry Walsh - The 2112 Group

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Tue. Jul 28 - 1PM ET

"If I Were An MSP, Here Is What I Would Be Doing Right Now" - Colin Knox - SolarWinds MSP

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Thu. Jul 23 - 1PM ET

Are MSPs Ready to Fill the Work From Home I.T. Support Gap? - Corey Munson - PC Matic

Recent surveys show that half of those working from home - lack basic IT support from their employer. What types of MSPs are best prepared to fill this support gap and seize this opportunity?

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Tue. Jul 21 - 1PM ET

A Take On The Current State of The Industry From The Media’s Eye View - Joel Zaidspiner - ChannelPro Network

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Thu. Jul 16 - 1PM ET

What MSPs Must Do To Succeed Moving Forward - Dan Wensley - Warranty Master

Some things change, and some things stay the same! A friendly chat with industry guru Dan Wensley on what MSPs must do to succeed moving forward.

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Tue. Jul 14 - 1PM ET

Current Industry Thoughts with Channel Veteran Tony Francisco - CloudPlus

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Thu. Jul 9 - 1PM ET

Co-Managed IT - Bob Coppedge - Simplex-IT

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Tue. Jul 7 - 1PM ET

An MSP Community Update - Ken Patterson - Pax8

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Thu. Jul 2 - 1PM ET

The Current Real World Events in the IT and MSP Space - Dave Sobel - MSP Radio

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Tue. Jun 30 - 1PM ET

Scaling Your MSP Past the $1M Plateau (Even in These Times) - Tom Watson - NinjaRMM

At one time or another, everyone has heard that $1 million seems to be the glass ceiling for muscling you way through growing your MSP. Join Tom Watson from NinjaRMM on Best Practices to smashing through the glass!

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Thu. Jun 25 - 1PM ET

You Don’t Have To Go At It Alone! Sales, Marketing, & Business Development Strategies with Matt Solomon - Matt Solomon - ID Agent

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Tue. Jun 23 - 1PM ET

Becoming Proactive Again When It Comes to Cybersecurity - Amy Luby - Acronis

Let’s talk about the role integration and automation play in operational efficiency and how we cannot think about backup without thinking about cybersecurity. Backup plays an important role in data protection, but it is reactive and it’s not enough when facing today’s cyber threats. Integrating and automating cyber protection on top of backup provides an efficient solution for your engineers and fortifies your protection for your clients.

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Thu. Jun 18 - 1PM ET

The Mindset of the Uber Entrepreneur & How to Win Even During Down Times - Brady Nash - BNG Team

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Tue. Jun 16 - 1PM ET

Don't Become Tomorrow's Headline, Now is the Time to Position Yourself as a Cyber Expert! - Billy Austin - RocketCyber

Thinking about pursuing a career in cybersecurity? It’s a challenging opportunity and why not, with a vast shortage of “cybersecurity talent” throughout the globe. The physical world’s current state of pandemic crisis simply adds fuel to the fire, driving additional demand for fulfilling security skill sets.

When breaking down the N. American small-medium business (SMB) industry, the challenge is more than finding talent, it’s about affordability, if in fact the perfect candidate was available. Most SMBs expect enterprise grade security but can’t or won’t staff a full-time security team. This is an opportunity for Managed Service Provides to step in augmenting their historical IT services with SOC-as-a-Service. The SOC (security operation center) enables the SMB to have a full-time security team continuously monitoring the fortress without having to build and hire internally.

Within most SOC’s, one of the key versatile roles is a Cyber SOC Analyst. This talk covers the fundamental skill sets and responsibilities such an analyst should possess in addition to behind the scenes of his/her daily operations. In closing, a clear path on enhancing your existing security skills, pursue a new career in Cyber, or alternatively partnering with a Managed SOC vendor to augment your existing IT skills.

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Thu. Jun 11 - 1PM ET

Sales Strategies Post-COVID - Rob Rae - Datto

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Tue. Jun 9 - 1PM ET

MSP Financial Risk Mitigation Strategies - Larry Cobrin - MSPCFO

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Thu. Jun 4 - 1PM ET

The Importance of Vision, Strategy and Execution in Uncertain Times - Jamison West - ConnectStrat

We’ve all heard it said, grow or die. What does that mean in times like these? The differentiator between winning and losing companies comes down to a clear unified vision, a strong strategy, and a system to execute. Too many organizations succeed in spite of themselves. When we are intentional about Vision, Strategy and Execution we exponentially increase our chances of success, particularly in times of uncertainty.

Join Jamison West, a Strategic Coach and EOS Implementer with ConnectStrat, as he discusses various systems and practical tools that can help you navigate these topics.

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Tue. Jun 2 - 1PM ET

HIPAA & the New Normal: Maintaining Compliance in a Hybrid Workforce - Paul Redding - Compliancy Group

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Thu. May 28 - 1 PM ET

Navigating the Sales Process During Economic Uncertainty - Frank DeBenedetto - AudIT Sales Presentation System

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is.”

The past few months have been unpredictable to say the least! At a time when folks are making some big decisions for their teams, we've asked Founder and CFO of Audit Sales Presentation System, Frank DeBenedetto, for some insight on how leaders are changing the sales process at a moment’s notice.

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Tue. May 26 - 1PM ET

Demystifying Microsoft Azure for MSPs - Joseph Landes - Nerdio

Learn how to get started building a cloud practice in Microsoft Azure and dispel some of the most common myths you may have around making money in the cloud.

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Thu. May 21 - 1PM ET

Current State of the Channel - Dave Sobel - MSP Radio

Join us for a casual conversation about the current state of the channel with MSP Radio's Dave Sobel and George Bardissi.

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Tue. May 19 - 1PM ET

Business Continuity Planning for the SMB: Process Automation at the Push of a Button! - Troy Cheeseman - CloudOak

While the global community works its way through the COVID landscape and with the optimistic view that we will all come through the other side, there is no doubt that Business Continuity Planning will be the #1 topic for every business - large or small. Today, there is not one business in the world who can say "it will never happen to me."

And now, for MSPs, opportunity knocks. Join George Bardissi and Troy Cheeseman of CloudOak as they present a unique and completely new MRR opportunity for MSPs globally: Automated Business Continuity Planning for the SMB.

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Thu. May 14 - 1PM ET

Beyond COVID-19: Assessing the Damage & Changes in the Security Road Ahead - Eric Pinto - SOCSoter

The global lockdown to attempt to cease the spread of COVID-19 has created turmoil in our professional and personal lives. While the dust seems to be settling in certain areas, many are questioning what will the new "normal" look like beyond COVID-19?

We've asked Eric Pinto, Senior Director of Channel & Product Strategy of SOCSoter to share his firsthand view of some implications for cybersecurity vulnerabilities, risks, and changes in strategies going forward.

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Tue. May 12 - 1PM ET

Part II: The Burning Legal Questions that MSPs Want To Know NOW - Brad Gross - Law Office of Bradley Gross

Brad's previous session contained so much information and stirred the pot with more questions that we've slotted a 'Part II.' Bradley Gross is one of the leading international legal authorities in the area of cloud transactions and has been named on ten occasions to the national list of ‘Super Lawyers’ in the area of IT & Technology Law. He's back to answer even more burning legal questions that you and other MSPs want to know.

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Thu. May 7 - 1PM ET

Part II: Recruiting in a Crisis - James Bier - VAR Staffing

Join James Bier, Co-Founder & Chief Channel Development Officer at VAR Staffing, as he shares his insights, tips and the tricks that he's used along the way to obtain talent in today’s marketplace.

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Tue. May 5 - 1PM ET

How to Ensure Working From Home is a WIN-WIN for Your Team & Your MSP - Paul Azad - Service Tree Connect

In the current climate, many MSPs now have their teams working from home for the first time. Ensuring your team is productive and your customers are looked after is more critical now then every before. Covering tips on what you can do, and what to look out for to make the most of the current situation, to help you see it through to the other side.

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Thu. Apr 30 - 1PM ET

The Burning Legal Questions that MSPs Want To Know NOW - Brad Gross - Law Office of Bradley Gross

"Can I turn off my services to non-paying customers during a pandemic?"
"How should I market my MSP for post-pandemic opportunities?"
"What can I do or not do with PPP loan money?"

Join Bradley Gross, the founding partner of the Law Office of Bradley Gross, P.A., a law firm that focuses on transactions involving managed service providers, VARs, technology solution resellers, cloud solution providers, IT professionals, and technology companies globally. Bradley is one of the leading international legal authorities in the area of cloud transactions and has been named on ten occasions to the national list of ‘Super Lawyers’ in the area of IT & Technology Law.

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Tue. Apr 28 - 1PM ET

Making Home Internet Work for Business Applications - Jeff Burchett - Bigleaf Networks

So, you're working from home now, but can your internet handle it? We're asking Jeff Burchett, Chief Revenue Officer from Bigleaf Networks, to help answer questions like how to get applications like Zoom and MS Teams to work reliably over residential internet, home vs office internet, and other challenges for business applications.

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Thu. Apr 23 - 1PM ET

A Conversation About the State of the Channel & Staying Positive - Ken Patterson - Pax8

Ken and Alec will discuss all trials and tribulations of operating during a pandemic and looking to the future. Ken is a 20+ year veteran of the Channel. He has spent the better part of those years as an owner or manager of MSP’s many of which had extreme growth under his guidance. He has sat on many technology boards and committees and is truly committed to help both MSP’s and Vendors be better for the Channel as a whole.

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Tue. Apr 21 - 1PM ET

Managing Your Remote Sales Team Through Uncertain Times - Adam Slutskin - Liongard

Leading a team can be challenging enough on its own, but among chaos these situations can quickly get increasingly difficult. Not only are you responsible for keeping your own levels of stress and panic at a minimum, but you're also responsible for helping others do so, all while maintaining productivity and morale. Join us with Adam Slutskin from Liongard  while he covers some of his own practices and ideas on how to move past hurdles and keep you team engaged through even the most unsettling times.

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Thu. Apr 16 - 1PM ET

MSP Sales Prospecting Through Crisis - Carrie Simpson - Managed Sales Pros

This will be the first economic downturn for many business owners. If you’ve built a business on referrals and have no sales pipeline, you’re going to have to prospect now or perish. We’re still getting sales appointment for clients every week. Here’s how you can do it without being thought of as predatory or inconsiderate.

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Tue. Apr 14 - 1PM ET

Measuring Productivity with Remote Workers - George Bardissi - bvoip

The IT Service Provider / MSP Community has seen a large demand for remote working due to current global health situation and chances are, you know how VoIP and Unified Communications can assist in helping both your team(s) and your end customers in working from practically anywhere on the planet with decent internet connectivity. We live and breath remote working. Our entire team of 30+ has been entirely remote since we started bvoip so we know what that feels like! But now, how could you track productivity? Well, we'll show you.

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Thu. Apr 9 - 1PM ET

Cybersecurity Foundations During Crisis - Arun Abraham - SKOUT CYBERSECURITY

Review the top areas of cybersecurity to protect yourself in the new normal with SKOUT Chief Customer Officer, Arun Abraham. Along with an overview of best practice to protect remote workers, attendees will be offered an opportunity to questions related to cybersecurity and be provided with a set of take-away material to use in their own MSP practice.

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Tue. Apr 7 - 1PM ET

Pivot Your Marketing to Digital - A New Playbook - Pete Busam - Equilibrium Consulting, LLC.

There is never a time to stop marketing, and now you have to shift your playbook to pure digital marketing to ensure that your brand remains relevant. We will discuss digital and cultural marketing, demonstrating how your MSP can help SMB’s maintain the essential service of IT.

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Thu. Apr 2 - 1PM ET

Recruiting in a Crisis - James Bier - VAR Staffing

Join James Bier, Co-Founder & Chief Channel Development Officer at VAR Staffing, as he shares an open roundtable discussion about best practices to attract top talent. He shares his insights, tips and the tricks he's used along the way to obtain talent in today’s marketplace.

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