Want na awesome alerting system to give your tech's a heads up of critical alerts to any application that supports webhooks? Here it is!


With Webhook Integration triggers are created from with specific conditions which will send out an alert to an OnPage user.

Secure Alerts, Audit Trails, On-Call Scheduling & Critical Messaging In One Convenient & Cost Effective Application!

A Revolutionary Way To Prioritize Communications

OnPage integrates Priority & Secure Messaging into one application, ensuring IT, emergency responder, and healthcare professionals, globally, their CRITICAL MESSAGE IS NEVER MISSED!

OnPage takes mobile communication to the next level with the latest all-in-one-app features:

  • Prioritizing a message (high or low)
  • Continuous Secure Messaging (back and forth)
  • Multiple Ring Tones and Settings
  • Ability to add pictures and voice-recording Attachments.


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