Troubleshooting and Common Issues
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Using The Correct Teams License

This article will provide an elaboration on removing the default user licensing in preparation for the bvoip Teams Integration.

Why Remove the Default Licensing? 

Part of our process in setting up the Teams Integration with the bvoip phone system is arranging for Teams direct routing. The Microsoft 365 Domestic Calling Plan is a defaulted trial plan intended by Microsoft for users to see that the Teams system works. 

If this license is present you will receive an error that says:

Cannot modify the parameter: "OnPremLineURI" because it is restricted for the user service plan: MCOProfessional,MCOMEETADD,MCOEV,MCOPSTN1.

The Correct Licensing

Our recommended user licensing is listed below for optional functionality:

  • Microsoft E5 licensing
  • Microsoft E3 with a Microsoft 365 phone license.
  • Microsoft Business with a Microsoft 365 phone license.

A Note About Licensing Changes

Please note that license changes have a 24 hour propagation period with Microsoft to fully be reflected. 

Removing the Microsoft Domestic Calling Plan

  1. Log into the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
  2. Navigate to the Users section.

  3. Select the Active Users subsection.

  4. Select the desired user.

  5. Navigate to the Licenses and Apps tab.

  6. Expand the Apps section.

  7. Uncheck the box for the Microsoft 365 Domestic Calling Plan.

  8. Click the Save Changes button. 


    Once the Microsoft 365 Admin Center confirms that the licensing changes have occurred for the specified user,  Teams will be able to be linked to the phone system.