Teams Features

This article will provide insight on the special features that can be used with the Microsoft365 Integration.

Contact Sync

This feature will allow the synchronization of the desired Microsoft 365 user's private contacts with their personal phonebooks. All Microsoft 365 contacts are imported and kept up to date over a nightly sync.

Calendar Sync

This feature will allow the updating of the desired extension's status based on the user's "Show As" status in the user's Outlook calendar. This means that if a user has a meeting on their calendar that marks them as busy, their status will update to busy for that period of time. 

SSO Sync

This feature will enable users to login into the Web Client and Management Console with a single login from Microsoft. 

Teams Voicemail

This feature will allow users to use their voicemail in Microsoft Teams instead of the phone system. If this option is selected, the forwarding rule for the extension will need to be extended to 30 seconds. 

Want to Implement?

If you are looking to use one or several of these functions, please see our Adding New Users to Teams article