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Barricade in Neutron Overview

This article is intended to provide a general overview of what the Neutron application can do with the Barricade feature.

What is Barricade? 

Barricade is our customizable firewall feature that allows for our clients to adjust the security settings of their phone system within the Neutron Desktop Application. 

Beta Feature

The Barricade and Neutron features are currently in beta status for development. If you do use these features and notice issues, please notify our support team immediately so that we can report these issues to our development team.

Accessing Barricade in Neutron

To access the Barricade features in Neutron, there's two options:

Option One: The Barricade Icon

  1. Navigate to the Side Menu bar.
  2. Click on the Barricade icon.

Option Two : The Barricade Tile

  1. Hover over the Barricade Device tile. When hovering on the Barricade Devices tile, it will pivot to display a Status tile.NeuBarricade9
  2. Click on the the Status tile.

Status Tab 

The Status Tab houses the public facing IP connections and connectivity to the Neutron application. NeuBarricade1

  • The Registered Address field will display the public facing IP of where the user is connected. 
  • The Last Registration field displays the the time stamp of the last successful log into Neutron.
  • The Force Registration button is for refreshing the timestamp in the last registration field and connection into Neutron.

Global Whitelisting Tab

The global whitelisting tab is intended to display all bvoip services that are whitelisted. NeuBarricade2

Trunks Whitelisting Tab

The Trunks whitelisting tab is intended to display all SIPTrunks that are registered in the phone system that will also be whitelisted. NeuBarricade3

Custom Whitelisting Tab

The Custom whitelisting tab is intended for being able to whitelist client specific IP addresses to protect the phone system from being connected to by unwanted locations.NeuBarricade4

Note: For Dynamic IPs, the Neutron application would need to be open in order for the dynamic IP to be whitelisted. 

User Whitelisting Tab

The User Whitelisting tab is intended for displaying the user extensions for the phone system as well as the public IPs that each extension is connecting through. NeuBarricade6