Mapping CRM Users

This article will provide a walkthrough on how to map CRM users in the 1Stream platform.

The Importance of Mapping CRM Users

After connecting the desired CRM, users will need to be mapped. This is only applicable for the following CRM Connections: 

Pre-Mapping Step
All intended CRM users will need to be added into 1Stream prior to mapping. If users have not been added, please refer to our Managing Users in 1Stream article

Mapping CRM Users

  1. Log into the 1Stream Portal.
  2. Go to the Administration menu.
  3. Choose the Manage Organization option. The page will refresh.
  4. Scroll down to the CRM User Mappings section. at15
  5. Click on the desired CRM icon in order to map users for that CRM. crm1
  6. In the CRM titled column, select the desired CRM user for each user.
  7. Scroll up to the 1Stream Administration section. 
  8. Click the Save button.

Repeat as needed for each CRM that is being connected to. Users can mapped in full before clicking the save button.