KaseyaBMS Integration Setup

This article will cover the setup of KaseyaBMS with BVoIP's 1Stream Integration.

What is KaseyaBMS? 

KaseyaBMS is a business management solution that helps companies manage their products and services. The software handles billing, accounting and project management tasks and provides regular notifications about bill payments.

Please visit the KaseyaBMS website for more information.

Note: An established KaseyaBMS is needed in order to connect to 1Stream. If you do not have an established account, visit to the KaseyaBMS Signup Page and select the BMS option to open an account. 

KaseyaBMS Setup 

Note: To complete the setup, the logged in user must have the primary Admin or a Custom User login with the permissions to add a CRM Platform.

  1. Log into the 1Stream portal
  2. Click on Administration.
  3. Select Manage Organization on the drop-down menu. 
  4. Scroll down to the CRM Settings section.
  5. Click the green circled + button. The Add New CRM Platform pop-up will appear. LiongardIn4
  6. In the CRM Platform, select KaseyaBMS from the drop-down.
  7. Click the Save button. The Modify KaseyaBMS Connection Settings pop-up will then appear.KaseyaIn2
  8. In the CRM Company field, add the KaseyaBMS company ID.
  9. In the CRM Username field, add the Admin username.
  10. In the CRM Password field, add the Admin password.
  11. In the Endpoint field, input the BMS URL  and add /api/ to the end of it.
  12. In the CRM Details Link field, input the BMS URL. 
  13. Click the Save button.
  14. Scroll Up to the 1Stream Administration section.
  15. Click on the Systems Check link.

        There will be a pop-up that appears and confirms if the connection was successful or if there was an issue that needed to be corrected. This will also pull in the user data from the KaseyaBMS connection that will be reflected when users are added in the next section.

        Connecting the KaseyaBMS Users into 1Stream

        This should be completed after the KaseyaBMS connection has been completed. 

        1. Scroll Down to the CRM User Mappings section.
        2. Click on the green circled + to add users. A pop-up will appear where the users that are pulled from the phone system can be edited.
        3. In the Username field, edit the existing username to reflect the user's email address in lowercase.
        4. Copy the Username.
        5. In the Email field, paste the username.
        6. Click the Include box next to each user being added. 
        7. Click the Send Email box next to each user being added.
        8. Click the Add Users button. 
        9. In the Time Zone column, adjust the time zone for each user with the drop-down.
        10. In the Phone Extension column, select the phone system extension for each user with the drop-down.
        11. In the Infusionsoft column, select the KaseyaBMS API username for each user with the drop-down.
        12. Click the Save button in the 1Stream Administration section. 

        The KaseyaBMS integration should start connecting and funneling when complete. 

        Tip: If the Send Email box was not clicked before clicking the Add User button, the welcome email can be sent for that user by clicking on the blue envelope icon next to the user under the CRM User section.