HubSpot Integration Setup

This article will provide a walkthrough on the setup of HubSpot with the 1Stream platform.

Setting up HubSpot

  1. Log into the 1Stream Portal.
  2. Go to the Administration menu.
  3. Choose the Manage Organization option. The page will refresh.
  4. Scroll down to the CRM Settings section. AT13
  5. Click on the green circled plus sign. The Add New CRM Platform pop-up will appear.
  6. In the CRM Platform drop-down, select HubSpot.hubspotin2
  7. Click the Save button. The Modify HubSpot Connection Settings pop-up will appear.hubspotin3
  8. In the CRM Details Link field, add the HubSpot URL.
    Note: URL should look like, make sure to change out the x values with your HubSpot ID. 
  9. Click the Save button. 
  10. Go to the Helper Links column.hubspotin4
  11. Click on the Allow HubSpot Access link. A new tab will open with HubSpot. hubspotin1
  12. Select the HubSpot account.
  13. Click the Choose Account button.
  14. Login with the HubSpot Admin user.
  15. Close the tab.
  16. Go back to the 1Stream portal. 
  17. Scroll to the 1stream Administration section.
  18. Click on the Systems Check icon.
A pop-up will appear and provide confirmation that HubSpot is connected and that it is pulling contact details. 

Mapping CRM Users

Once the CRM Connection to HubSpot has been completed, the users in 1Stream can be now mapped to their corresponding HubSpot user.

For instructions on how this can be done, please see our Mapping CRM Users article