Enabling Direct Routing

This article will provide a walkthrough on how to enable Team Direct Routing as part of the Teams integration in the bvoip Phone System.

After setting the tokens and permissions, the domain will need to be verified and activated in the Azure Admin Portal. Once this has been done, the next step is to enable Teams Direct Routing and set the users. 

Enabling Direct Routing

  1. Log into the bvoip phone system. 
  2. Go to the Integrations section.
  3. Select the Microsoft 365 subsection. 
  4. Scroll down to the Teams Direct Routing tab.TeamsIn1
  5. Click the Update Domain button. TeamsIn2
  6. Log into the Microsoft Admin Portal.
  7. Go to the Settings section. 
  8. Select the Domains subsection. TeamsIn4
  9. Select the Phone System Domain. Example : examplepbx-msti.bvoip.net
  10. Click on the Start Setup button.
  11. Select the Add a TXT record to the Domain's DNS Records option. TeamsIn5
  12. Click on the Continue button. You will be prompted on the next screen about verify DNS records. NO RECORDS WILL NEED TO BE CREATED. 
  13. Click on the Verify button.
  14. Click on the Continue button.
  15. Uncheck the box for Exchange and Exchange online Protection.TeamsIn8
  16. Click on the Continue button.
  17. Click on the Done button. 

Creating A Test User

Test User Notice

The test user can be deleted after completing the integration. It is only needed for the initial setup. 

  1. Log into the Microsoft Admin Portal.  
  2. Go to the Users section. 
  3. Select the Active Users subsection. TeamsIn9
  4. Click on the Add a User button. TeamsIn10
  5. In the First Name field, input bvoip.
  6. In the Display Name field, input bvoip.
  7. In the Username field, input bvoip.
  8. In the Domains drop-down, select the domain with the -msti suffix created in the previous section. 
  9. Select the Automatically Create A Password option. The password won't be needed as you will not be signing in with the test user. 
  10. Assign the Test User a License. We recommend an E3, E5 or Business Standard License. 
  11. In the Optional Settings screen, do NOT assign roles to the test user.
  12. Click on the Next button.
  13. Click on the Finish Adding button. 

After building out the Test User, it will be time to also setup your users for activation. 

Setting up User Activation and Licensing

  1. Log into the Microsoft Admin Portal.  
  2. Go to the Users section. 
  3. Select the Active Users subsection. 
  4. Assign the correct licensing to the desired users to be activated. Do NOT assign a role to the user. TeamsIn11
  5. Click on the Next button. The Review and Finish screen will appear. 
  6. Click on the Finish Adding button to complete the user setup. 
  7. For all users that are to be activated, assign the Microsoft Teams Phone Standard license. E5 users have this license included. 
  8. Go back to the bvoip phone system.
  9. Go to the Integrations section.
  10. Select the Microsoft 365 subsection. 
  11. Under each of the following tabs, check the box besides the desired users and click Save: 
    1. User Sync - This tab will automatically create a new extension for each new Microsoft 365 user and sync the phone system extension with updated information from Microsoft 365 users. Extensions are not affected when Microsoft 365 users are deleted.
    2. Contact Sync - This tab will sync Microsoft 365 user's private contacts with personal phonebooks. All Microsoft 365 contacts are imported and kept up to date over a nightly sync.
    3. Calendar Sync - This tab will update the extension's status based on the user's "Show As" status in the user's Outlook calendar.
    4. SSO Sync - This tab will enable users to login into the Web Client and Management Console with a single login from Microsoft. 
    5. Teams Voicemail - This tab will allow users to use their voicemail in Microsoft Teams. If this option is selected, the forwarding rule for the extension will need to be extended to 30 seconds. 
  12. Click on the Save Changes button. 

Once this has been completed, Microsoft 365 will be integrated with the phone system. However, if you wish to use Teams, there is a final activation step and activation scripts to be ran to complete the process. Please see our Completing the Microsoft Teams Process article for more information. 

Want to Activate SSO?

If you are looking to activate SSO and are looking to use it with the Office 365 Integration, it can be arranged through the Setting up SSO with Microsoft Integrations article.